From Door To Door Book Sales To 9 Figure Real Estate Portfolio Owner : Vinney Chopra

Today on GSD Mode Podcast, Vinney Chopra joins the show! It’s tough to box Vinney in to just one space, as he has been an engineer, a door to door salesman, a real estate broker, a real estate investor, and a couple other things along his entrepreneurial path! Migrating to the United States from India as a 22 year old kid with nothing except $7 in his pocket and a burning desire in his heart to achieve success, nowadays Vinney controls and manages an over $172 MILLION Real Estate Portfolio! That’s 9 figures! The man is absolutely insane! Any realtor or entrepreneur that finds themselves with limiting beliefs or a “I can’t do that” mentality, hit play NOW because this is the interview you have been waiting for! Vinney will prove you wrong all the while with a huge smile on his face! #GSDMode4Life

0:01 – Introduction
6:15 – Interview Start
8:20 – What led you to United States and to real estate?
10:50 – Doing door to door book sales
12:40 – Did you immediately get a job inside your degree’s field after college?
18:00 – Did you face any hardships from your family or resistance to your chosen career path?
24:00 – “You have to use your time wisely”
25:00 – How did you keep your positivity strong and your mentality positive during your hard times in your career?
30:00 – How do you utilize Passive Income?
31:30 – Deciding to go into the commercial side of real estate, then changing to multi-family real estate
34:50 – Where do you suggest someone who wants to invest in multi-family real estate starts their path?
40:30 – How were you able to learn real estate and be so successful so quickly?
44:20 – How important are systems and processes to you inside your business?
52:20 – A lack of systems is what causes a business to fail
54:00 – You have to be intentional about deflecting negativity
56:00 – Last pieces of advice and inspiration for the GSD Mode audience


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