Explode Your Real Estate Business with Social Media : Interview with Tori Easterling

Today on our special Easter Edition on GSD Mode Podcast, we have none other than Tori Easterling joining the show! If you aren’t familiar with GSD Mode, we interview Top Realtors that are in the trenches really making things happen for themselves an d their families, and Tori is one of those people! She has been out there, knocking doors, calling potential clients, and really MAKING her business happen. Listen as Tori and Joshua dive into what makes a real estate business truly thrive, the effort that goes into being a new agent and succeeding in real estate, how to develop a concrete social media plan, & so much more, check it out!

0:01 – Introduction
6:15 – Interview Start
7:50 – What led you to entrepreneurship?
10:40 – What did your first year and early years in real estate look like?
13:30 – Having her parents take her to Open houses as a child
16:00 – Learning the Real Estate Ropes and Lead Generating without Pay
19:30 – Do you think REO changed your perceptive of real estate?
21:30 – What was it like operating a real estate team as a full time Mother?
23:00 – Any new agent should hire an assistant
25:00 – How did you get the name “Jedi Master of Hashtags”?
28:00 – Hashtags allow you to have something in common with people, what tags do you look for?
31:50 – How do you engage potential clients on social media?
35:20 – What are you doing with video and what is working for you as a real estate agent?
38:00 – Everyone is looking for authenticity
40:50 – How important is your social media approach?
43:00 – Tori’s “15th of the Month” Post
45:00 – Making 6 Figures off of Social Media
47:30 – What do you do when you aren’t motivated to post online?
51:30 – How do you go out and implement you family into your business so you aren’t dropping the ball in other aspects of your life?
55:30 – It’s okay to ask for help, Mom
57:30 – Did you struggle with asking for help as a mother and wife?
1:00:00 – Your household is your strength, ask them for help!
1:02:00 – If you could give your younger self 2 pieces of advice, what would that advice be?
1:05:30 – where to find out more about Tori #RealEstateTori
1:08:20 – Last words of advice for the GSD listeners

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