How To Leverage Real Estate Investing To Become a Top Real Estate Agent : Interview w/ Nick Aalerud

Top Realtor Nick Aalerud joins the Top Real Estate Podcast, GSD Mode! Nick has a history in real estate investing, banking, real estate short sales, speaking, training, and so much more. Having climbed the corporate ladder and succeeded in his first career, one night Nick saw an infomercial for real estate investing, bought the program and was instantly hooked. He started investing which eventually led to getting licensed in real estate, and Nick has been full steam ahead ever since! Learn from a guy that has done it all and is now involved in over 8 different companies, click play!

0:01 – Introduction
6:15 – Interview Start
9:20 – How did you get involved in banking?
13:00 – Needing an accountability partner in business
17:00 – Losing all of his first 5 real estate deals
20:00 – Knocking on doors for hours and days at a time
23:30 – What made you want to start a short sale company?
31:00 – So what do you do for agents that use your program?
35:30 – Whats the difference now without the Debt Forgiveness Act?
40:00 – How did you real estate group come about?
46:00 – What are you lead generation funnels?
50:30 – Are you expanding into other markets and states?
58:00 – Why is your closing rate almost double the national average?!
1:01:00 – Where to contact Nick
1:03:00 – What is up with your speaking engagements?
1:05:00 – Upcoming speaking events
1:07:00 – Do you think there is an aspect of your business that you favor or want to build up more?
1:10:00 – What advice would you give your younger self to speed up your success?



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