New Realtor Sells $1 MILLION In 1st MONTH As An Agent : GSD Mode Interview w/ Zayvon Johnson

Today on GSD Mode Podcast, the #1 Real Estate Podcast in the Industry, Top Realtor Zayvon Johnson joins the show! Zayvon has been a realtor for just over 3 months at the time of this interview, and he shows absolutely no signs of slowing down. He started out with no funds, no leads, and just jumped into his business head first and it is paying off handsomely. He started working 7 days a week and has since cut it down to 5, and now is on track to cut it down to 4 days a week while making more money than ever before. Zayvon is a cold call MASTER. Every agent, old or new, can learn from his drive, passion, hard work, and intelligence and then apply those to their own business to give it some new life and help grow bigger and stronger. Check it out!

0:01 – Introduction
3:00 – Journey to real estate
9:00 – Wanting to be a business owner when he turned 18 years old
11:20 – Growing his cold calling skills in a short period of time
14:00 – Do you know a best time to make cold calls?
16:00 – What is your daily schedule like?
21:00 – Do you have more success with cold calls or expireds/FSBOs?
24:00 – “Your script doesn’t matter”
26:30 – Cold calling Tips for Real Estate agents
29:20 – Sources that have allowed you to be successful
34:00 – His Contact to Appointment Ratio
41:00 – Having a script for wrong number dials
55:00 – Where to learn more about Zayvon
56:30 – Last words of advice


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