How To MASTER Scripts From Top Realtor Coach Kevin Ward : GSD Interview with Kevin Ward

Today on GSD Mode Podcast, the #1 rated Real Estate podcast in the WORLD, Top Realtor, Real Estate Agent Trainer, Entrepreneur, and all around bad-ass businessman Kevin Ward joins the show! Kevin is the founder of Yes Masters, a key training program for realtors and entrepreneurs alike looking for a bit of help and guidance when looking to sell anything, online or face to face! Kevin drops some INSANE tips about how to get that listing closed, how to get the listing in the first place, what to say to ensure that your client doesn’t even have the OPTION to say no, and so much more! The value in the interview is off the charts, get your pad and pen ready to take some notes, and hit play!

0:01 – Introduction
6:15 – Interview Start
8:30 – How did you get started in real estate and in entrepreneurship?
11:20 – Why real estate?
16:00 – The #1 threat to the real estate industry is AGENTS
20:00 – Hating real estate in the beginning
23:15 – Did you ever get to a point where you are content with people treating you badly?
26:30 – Why did you transition into coaching?
33:20 – How do agents get over their fear of rejection on the phone?
40:00 – The power of straightforward communication
47:00 – Do you still do face to face meetings?
53:30 – What do you bring as value to your clients when trying to get a listing?
59:00 – 82% of consumers weigh a testimonial as much as a personal reference
1:00:00 – How important tracking and systems are in your business
1:05:00 – Can you give us more info about your book?
1:11:00 – Where to learn more about Kevin’s coaching
1:20:00 – Being in good health looks good to potential clients
1:21:00 – Advice you would give to your younger self



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