Explode Your Real Estate Business Using Remine! : GSD Mode Interview w/ Leo Pareja of Remine

Are you a real estate agent that’s just tired of wasting your time prospecting homeowners that don’t want your business? Today on GSD Mode Podcast, the #1 Real Estate Podcast in the Industry, we have a HUGE interview for you. We are CONSTANTLY getting asked by agents, “What is Remine? Should I use Remine?”, so Joshua personally flew out to the Remine offices to get the scoop from Remine’s founder and owner, Leo Pareja. Leo used to be the #1 Keller Williams real estate agent in the entire world, so it’s safe to say he knows real estate in and out and is only using the TOP tools to ensure his business stays on track. He became the top agent in the world, then built his own real estate team, SOLD his real estate team, and now is operating and masterminding Remine. So what is Remine? In short, it is a Property Intelligence Platform that uses public records, consumer reports, and MLS information and places it on a map in one easy to use, convenient space for agents. Get the whole scoop about Remine from the man himself, Leo Pareja, inside today’s GSD Mode interview!

0:01 – Introduction
2:00 – What is Remine and how do you help agents?
4:00 – How can agents use Remine in their business?
10:00 – Examples of Agents using Remine
15:00 – What are some more ways that agents can use Remine to DOMINATE their market?
19:00 – You can use Remine for FREE
22:50 – What are some of the advanced paid for features that Remine provides to those who want to pay?
28:00 – Remine saves agents time and energy by showing them which houses to target
36:00 – What steps can agents take to get their MLS involved with Remine?
39:30 – Tour the Remine office!
40:30 – Remine Visual Walk-Through!
43:00 – Wrap Up

Leo’s FIRST GSD Mode Interview:


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