Top Expansion Team Leader Shares How To Grow On a Massive Level : Interview with Kevin Kauffman

Today on GSD Mode Podcast, the #1 Real Estate Podcast in the Industry, Top Realtor and Team Leader Kevin Kauffman joins the show! Kevin is an Arizona Legend in the real estate space and has been operating a successful team for numerous years, and inside here he drops an INSANE amount of real estate knowledge. Any realtor or even any entrepreneur can learn from Kevin’s expertise in the Short Sale space, that so many people advise agents to stay away from, but Kevin dove in head first and truly mastered the process. Listen as Kevin & Joshua dive in to a variety of real estate topics including how to expand and grow your team the CORRECT way, tips for agents looking to get into a healthy partnership, the difference between Short Sale real estate and Traditional real estate, and so much more!

0:01 – Introduction
2:45 – Interview Start, How Kevin got Into Real Estate
5:40 – What was going on during your first ever Shore Sale?
16:00 – Competing against yourself and not other agents
17:50 – Did you have trouble transitioning back from short sale to traditional real estate?
24:00 – Tips for Agents looking to get into a partnership
30:00 – Knowing his partner in his partnership for decades and being honest with each other in tracking
34:50 – What led to you building out your real estate team?
46:00 – What is the main part when looking to expand, location or team members?
50:10 – Can you break down your business layout?
59:30 – How are you building culture and keeping company culture when you bring in a new team leader?
1:07:00 – Where to learn more about Kevin
1:14:00 – Next Level Agents Facebook Group & the Upcoming Real Estate Speaking Event
1:18:40 – If you could give your younger self two pieces of advice, what would that be?

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