Keeping Hormones In Check! Why You NEED To Be Doing This: Ask Jim & Jay podcast Hosted by Joshua Smith ft. Dr. John Crisler

In this weeks episode of the Ask Jim & Jay Podcast, hosted by Joshua Smith, the crew is joined by Dr. John Crisler and they go over EVERYTHING concerning TOT, the importance of optimizing your testosterone levels, the effects of substances such as alcohol and marijuana on your testosterone and estrogen levels, why we should keep our hormonal levels in balance, and so much more. If you want to optimize your health, click play now!

0:01 – Introduction
4:30 – The importance of men paying attention to testosterone
11:40 – What is the relation between anxiety and TOT?
15:00 – Anxiety is usually hormone related
18:30 – Why are people scared to know they are optimizing their testosterone?
20:30 – Should everybody be on AI’s?
24:30 – If you don’t have symptoms, don’t treat it
29:00 – The importance of dosing people properly
31:00 – What are the optimum testosterone and estrogen levels I should be at?

37:30 – Thoughts on doctors running their patients iron levels too low?
42:50 – What is too frequent to donate blood?
46:20 – What’s the relation with dosing women with testosterone?
47:50 – Alcohol will lower testosterone levels
52:00 – How does alcohol affect testosterone levels?
53:10 – Viewer Question
55:00 – Where to work with Dr. Crisler
1:03:20 – Viewer Question
1:04:30 – Viewer Question
1:09:00 – Larry Nance thoughts

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