“Testosterone Therapy Golden Rules Video 3” Ask Jim & Jay Podcast

In this weeks episode of the Ask Jim & Jay Podcast, hosted by Joshua Smith, the crew dives into the Golden Rules of Testosterone Optimization Therapy. Jim Brown & Jay Campbell are EXPERTS on the subject and have just released their new book which you can find a link to below! Get your notepads out and click play because there is a ton of knowledge about TOT, testosterone optimization therapy, in here waiting to be absorbed!

The Golden Rules of TOT 10-15:

10) Your physician should know how to quickly alleviate common TOT side effects. These effects include high or low estrogen readings, itchy nipples (gynecomastia), water retention, lack of erectile strength, and mood imbalances.

The potential side effects of TOT are minimal in scope, simple to detect and easy to safely correct when managed by a qualified TOT physician. Front-line treatment options should first involve changing the dose of testosterone(usually lowering) and the frequency of said doses before introducing medications that are specifically used for alleviating side effects. This rule is especially important when it comes to  introducing AI medications into one’s TOT regime, which can cause terrible bone mineral density issues over time.

11) Therapeutic dosages of testosterone can completely change your physique by decreasing body fat and increasing muscle mass, but ONLY when living a dialed-in lifestyle.

This lifestyle MUST CONSIST of a clean insulin-controlled diet, in combination with productive resistance and cardiovascular training. If you think you can hack life with TOT while eating Cheetos and laying down on the couch all day, you are DEAD WRONG!.

TOT is NOT a magic bullet. Also, if you think you can get away with skipping cardio and doing nothing else but  train with weights, think again. You’ll end up getting average to below average results at best. You must do cardio on a regular basis to keep your blood supply oxygenated, and decreasing the thickening of blood (via increased red blood cell counts) often caused when using injectable testosterone.

12) If Your body fat is over 30% (i.e. you are obese) and you start TOT without a FIRM COMMITMENT to getting rid of it, you will fail miserably.

There are too many biological systems that are not functioning properly when you are obese. As a result, using testosterone in isolation can create additional problems. As discussed in the book, obesity and high aromatase levels go hand in hand with low testosterone levels. Dr. Rob Kominiarek says that when you are a ‘metabolic emergency’ due to things like insulin resistance and metabolic disorder, nothing will work ‘as expected’ until all systems are operating normally. Therefore,  GET RID OF YOUR BODY FAT or accept inevitable failure as the likely result.

13) Almost every single “testosterone boosting” supplement sold today is a complete scam.

The cold hard truth is that there’s little to NO SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE which supports the claims made by supplement companies about their testosterone boosters actually raising testosterone levels. The only proven way to raise and optimize testosterone levels is through pharmaceutical means (i.e. utilizing TOT).

This is because powerful factors in our modern-day environment are constantly placing our endocrine systems under siege. This environmental assault overshadows most men’s natural ability to produce testosterone, and their efforts to fix low testosterone levels. It is the opinion of the most advanced and progressive physicians, that only Type A personality types can fix their issues naturally, due to their commitment and their militant attention to detail.

14) There is nothing morally wrong, unethical or illegal about optimizing your body’s testosterone levels. It’s the exact same thing as having Lasix, or an artificial hip replacement surgery.

Using TOT productively is a lifelong strategy, and so you need to be financially stable in order to start therapy. . Being able to pay for your treatment and any additional medications (when necessary) MUST BE factored into your daily expenses.

15) When using injectable testosterone as a delivery system, the optimal protocols to choose from in order are as follows:

Option 1A: 10-30 mg of testosterone injected daily. This provides the most stable testosterone levels (i.e. mimicking endogenous production of testosterone as closely as possible), and it will also help to minimize aromatization (thereby minimizing side effects) and erythrocytosis (blood thickening). Normally, this type of protocol works well for individuals with a Type A personality.

Option 1B: 50-70mg of testosterone injected every other day (EOD). This is a nice compromise between injecting yourself daily and injecting yourself twice a week.  This protocol is best for individuals who cannot bring themselves to administer daily injections.

Option 2: 50-100 mg of testosterone injected twice a week (preferably every 3rd day). This option is the MOST POPULAR CHOICE, and is preferred by most patients because they don’t have to inject themselves too often.Additionally, this protocol is still more advantageous than once per week therapy.

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