How To Become Brave & Make Those Hard Decisions To Achieve Greatness : Jena Rodriguez

Today Top Entrepreneur and Founder of BraveMasters, Jena Rodriguez, joins the GSD Mode Podcast! Jena works with aspiring entrepreneurs looking to boost their brand clarity, boost their profits, and become the best business person/entrepreneur that they can be! Jena is a MASTER of helping others boost their confidence to make those hard hard decisions that they may be nervous or even too scared to make in their business and personal lives as well. If you are an entrepreneur or thinking of becoming an entrepreneur in any capacity, check this out! Maybe you want to start an online business, a coaching program, or maybe you are a realtor looking to go solo and build your own brokerage, Jena can help you out along the way! So much powerful stuff inside this interview, I’d start by clicking play!

0:01 – Introduction
6:15 – Interview Start
10:00 – What led you into entrepreneurship?
19:30 – Quitting her job to follow her passion of opening her own store
27:00 – Firing her husband from her business because it was the right thing to do for business
33:00 – How do you gain clarity on your brand and build it up?
39:00 – Do you think entrepreneurs need to separate their media brand from their personal brand?
45:20 – Is there a common mistake that most clients of yours are making before you step in?
49:00 – Track your numbers!
56:45 – Where should people start when looking to find there purpose?
1:03:00 – Where to find out more about Jena


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