“Grow Your Real Estate Business With Social Media” Interview with John Reyes

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John Reyes is an all around badass, real estate coach and technical genius. Listen as him and Joshua discuss the importance of online marketing, social media and staying up to date with technical advances in this episode.



(1:05) Intro to Entrepreneurship – Initially wanted to join law enforcement but changed paths to business school.
(5:45) What were some of your first sales jobs?
(8:30) Would you advise people today to go to business school or to spend that time learning from mentors of companies?
(12:20) Transitioning from the loan business to coaching real estate agents
(15:30) Started focusing more on the technical aspects of real estate around 2006
(17:30) Teaching realtors how to utilize Facebook and virtual home tours
(23:30) The importance of marketing in real estate to sell homes faster
(27:30) What services does your company offer to real estate companies? Branding, Intro videos, websites
(33:25) How did you get into training Apple employees?
(39:00) The importance of social media for all professions
(42:00) Advertising online is much more effective these days rather than on television and radio
(44:00) The ease of targeting your advertising audience via Facebook
(45:30) What trends are you noticing with realtors not adapting to change?
(52:00) How do you personally stay above the curve and adapt with changes?
(59:00) Get in contact with John


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