From Going Pro in the NFL… to Going Pro as a Real Estate Team Leader : Ruvell Martin

Today on GSD Mode Podcast we have Top Realtor & Ex-Pro NFL Player Ruvell Martin! Ruvell had an incredible 8 year career in the NFL and once he was finished, realized that he had to start a new career for the first time in his life. Choosing to get into real estate and become an agent, Ruvell quickly adapted to his new field and jumped to the top of his market with his solo venture, Team RM82. Eventually deciding to join a brokerage and go down a more traditional path, Ruvell immediately was scoring touchdowns in his business! Listen to what Ruvell did right off the bat to ensure success and then apply these same things to your business! Ruvell has an incredibly interesting story, and anyone interested in real estate or interested in football, this is for you!

0:01 – Introduction
6:15 – Interview Start
9:00 – What was it like being an undrafted free agent in the NFL?
12:00 – What were come things your coach did to instill confidence in you?
20:00 – How much do you attribute planning ahead to your success in real estate?
22:40 – When did you decide you wanted to help others inside real estate as well?
28:00 – Why did you transition into a traditional brokerage space and what did you do to ensure success?
35:00 – Putting systems and processes in place in his business
39:00 – What was your marketing strategy that you turned into a game?
44:00 – How does your football background help you out inside real estate?
49:00 – Do you have a plan for where you want to take your business?
52:20 – How do you balance all aspects of your life to ensure no one person or one thing is being neglected?
56:00 – What are two pieces of advice you would give to your younger self?
59:00 – How did you transition out of ending your career?
1:03:00 – Last pieces of advice and inspiration for the GSD listeners


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