From Getting His Car Repossessed To CRUSHING Real Estate with Facebook Ads : GSD Mode Interview w/ Brett Ratkowski

Top Realtor Brett Ratkowski joins GSD Mode Podcast today and shares one hell of a story! Brett was in a rough spot, he sold 2 real estate listings in 2 years of part-time selling, then transitioned to full-time real estate and didn’t make a sale for 6 MONTHS.. But he decided to turn it around and focus on his business to make this happen. He took Joshua’s 90 Day Mastery Bootcamp course, and really turned his life around. Nowadays, Brett is a Facebook Ad BOSS and actually is now on Joshua’s team! Listen to Brett break down step by step his Real Estate Facebook Ad Strategy, how many leads this allows him to generate, step by step how to set up the best real estate Facebook Ad that you can, tips to create the BEST online ads for your real estate business to ensure you generate the amount of business you want, and so much more. Check it!

0:01 – Introduction
6:15 – Interview Start
8:20 – What led you into real estate and how did you find success?
10:00 – The story of getting his car repossessed
14:50 – How did you get into Facebook Ads and how did you master it?
18:30 – What percentage of your business is generated from Facebook Ads?
21:20 – What the difference between a facebook conversion ad and a facebook lead ad?
26:00 – What is the most important thing to know when using a facebook ad?
31:30 – What do you with a medium price point house that you need to run a facebook ad for?
35:20 – How do you know what’s popular in your area?
41:00 – How important is the Facebook Lead Form?
44:00 – How do you run FaceBook Ad’s directly in Joshua’s current business?
47:20 – How do you re-target for your Facebook lead ad?
51:00 – What is the importance of Zapier integration with Facebook & Perfect Storm CRM?
53:20 – What is the cost per lead with your Facebook Ads?
55:50 – Can you tell us more about your coaching program/bootcamp?
59:00 – Can people pay you to run their Facebook Ads for them?
1:01:00 – How much time does it take to run Joshua’s Real Estate Facebook ads?
1:02:20 – If you could go back in time and give your younger self 2 pieces of advice, what would that advice be?
1:04:10 – Last words of advice and inspiration for the GSD Mode audience
1:06:00 – What percentage of your success do you attribute to your GSD Mode Shirt?


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