From Bankrupt to Buying a $10Million Home… How To Create a Truly Amazing Life w/ Garrett J White

Today Top Entrepreneur and Founder of the Warrior on Fire podcast & Wake Up Warrior coaching program, Garrett J White, joins the GSD Mode Podcast w/ Joshua Smith. Garrett has a truly amazing story of rags to riches and is living proof that you can come out of the lowest lows and build a life you love and have always wanted. Listen and get motivated listening to Garrett & Josh chop it up about everything from finding success in business, reinventing yourself in order to find out who you really are, staying motivated and how to stay on the correct path that you want, how to optimize your personal and business life, and so much more!

0:01 – Introduction
6:15 – Interview Start
8:50 – How did your career end up where you are now?
14:30 – Having to fire his whole family and friends
15:40 – Losing his wife and finding comfort in alcohol
19:00 – Hearing a voice inside his head asking “have you had enough?”
20:00 – How do you deal with that voice inside your head asking you to do more while trying to not work too fast?
22:40 – Who am I and what is important in my life?
24:40 – How did you not break down when trying to revise yourself?
32:00 – Date your wife!
39:00 – Meeting a realtor that had a photo on her website from 20 years ago
42:00 – Dealing with the bullshit now instead of later
45:00 – The power of consistency
49:30 – Garrett never stops marketing
51:10 – Go on a date with your wife every week for the rest of your life
55:00 – Who is the Warrior Week for?
1:00:00 – You got to do it all as a Father, not just 1 thing
1:04:00 – “There is no possible way I could have done this by myself” Having 65 mentors
1:09:00 – No magic pill, just do it
1:10:00 – If you could give your younger self 2 pieces of advice, what would it be?


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