“The Uber of Real Estate… Disrupting The Brokerage Model” GSD Interview with Engelo Rumora

Top Entrepreneur Engelo Rumora is BACK for ROUND 2 of his GSD Mode Podcast interview! We were so impressed with Engelo’s growth in his business ever since his previous GSD Mode interview back in May of 2016 that we invited him back to hear from the man himself! Nowadays, Engelo owns his own brokerage, which is 100% virtual for his agents, allowing them to work from anywhere in the world anytime. Listen as he explains what amount of effort went into finding success in real estate, WHY he chose to start his own brokerage, advice for new agents looking to be successful themselves, and so much more valuable information. Don’t miss this one!

0:01 – Introduction
5:20 – Interview start
8:40 – What percentage of your success do you contribute to your new healthy life choices?
10:28 – What led to you deciding to open a real estate brokerage?
16:30 – Can you explain your brokerage’s business model?
21:40 – Would your software be included or would there be a tech fee?
28:00 – The “tech” generation
33:15 – Where do you plan on taking your business?
35:30 – Where should real estate agents be focusing in order to create success?
40:20 – Why are you going to move to New York and how are you feeling about that?
43:20 – What is your thought process when you are going through a tough experience?
48:30 – What keeps you personally motivated when you could just retire right now?
51:10 – Where to learn more about Engelo
52:30 – Last pieces of advice for the GSD listeners

Engelo’s first GSD Mode Podcast:





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