“Billion Dollar Brokerage Owner On How To Create a Successful Business & Life” Danny Morel

In today’s GSD Mode Podcast Interview we have Top Realtor Danny Morel on the show. Danny has experienced ups and downs in the real estate industry, from finding success as an agent to leaving the industry all together and then coming back full circle and starting his own brokerage. Listen to Danny detail what he did early on in his real estate career to find success, what inspired him to start his own brokerage instead of just solely being a real estate agent, how he handled negative criticism from his idols and peers when deciding to start his own business, and so much more. Any real estate agent, broker, owner, or anyone involved in the real estate industry needs to check this one out now!

0:01 – Introduction
5:00 – Interview Start
7:00 – How did you get into entrepreneurship?
10:00 – Delivering tortillas to make money
13:20 – What did you do right off the bat to ensure success?
18:20 – How much of your success is attributed to your mindset?
21:10 – How did you create your success while managing your time to still have a personal life?
27:00 – What made you want to become a broker/owner?
32:00 – What allowed yourself to not break in hard times?
36:20 – How did you handle negative criticism when starting your business?
41:30 – What made you clear about what you wanted which brought you success?
44:00 – What are some things you did differently to spark growth?
49:00 – Where are some things you do to attract attention to yourself?
54:00 – Whats your vision for your business?
57:40 – Where to learn more about Danny
1:02:30 – If you could give your younger self 2 pieces of advice, what would it be?
1:09:30 – What keeps you driven to keep working and not settling for “good enough”?
1:13:30 – How do you keep a good work/life balance?







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