San Francisco Realtor Dominates His Market for 25+ Years : GSD Mode Interview w/ Chris Stafford

Today on GSD Mode Podcast, the #1 Real Estate Podcast in the Industry, Top Real Estate Agent Chris Stafford joins the podcast! Chris is one of the TOP producing realtors in San Francisco, one of the most competitive real estate markets in the WORLD. Listen as Joshua and Chris dive in to everything including how he manages to dominate in such a difficult market, the importance of starting your day right and allowing yourself to operate as your best self, his online real estate agent training program, and much more! Chris has over 25 years of real estate experience and drops valuable tips for brand new agents and veterans alike, check it out!

0:01 – Introduction
6:15 – Interview Start
8:20 – What is going on in the market in San Francisco?
10:30 – How did you get involved in real estate?
14:00 – Chris’ daily routine
17:00 – How his energy helps build his business
23:30 – What is your marketing strategy and who are you trying to target?
28:00 – You HAVE to be consistent in your marketing
34:00 – Testimonials for real estate agents
39:00 – How do you relate to your clients and get them to open up to you?
46:00 – What is your training program/coaching program?
51:30 – If you could give your younger self 2 pieces of advice, what would that be?
54:30 – If you were give a new agent a couple pieces of advice, what would you say?


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