New Real Estate Investor Develops Free Property Management Tool : GSD Mode Interview w/ Chris Finn

Today on GSD Mode Podcast, the #1 Real Estate Podcast in the Industry, Top Real Estate Investor Chris Finn joins the show! Chris is also the co-founder of, an online property management tool for real estate investors. Chris saw the hole and the need for an online service, so he went out there and developed it himself with the help of other co-owners! Being a young investor isn’t always the easiest path, but Chris explains how anybody can get on the right track and start making money right away through investing in properties. Check it out!

0:01 – Introduction
6:15 – Interview Start
8:00 – How did you get involved in real estate?
11:00 – Was your plan to work real estate as a side job while in med school?
13:30 – How does someone get started in real estate investing?
18:00 – “There are already proven ways that work out there”
22:00 – Only 3% down on your first property/problems leading to his own software development
25:00 – Financial performance tracking inside the app
31:00 – The relationships between his App and real estate agents/free use of the App
39:30 – What has attributed the most to your success?
42:00 – Two pieces of advice Chris would give his younger self
46:00 – How do you keep yourself motivated and not get burnt out?
49:30 – Where to find out more about Chris


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