How To Become a Celebrity Real Estate Agent & DOMINATE Your Market : Interview with Glenn Twiddle

Top Realtor Glenn Twiddle joins Joshua Smith and the GSD Mode Podcast for an EPIC episode packed full of incredibly PRICELESS knowledge and advice for new and old real estate agents alike. Glenn has reached what some would call “celebrity status” to real estate agents in Australia, the dude is a master marketer! Glenn and Joshua cover cold calling strategies, door knocking strategies, direct mailer strategies, online media presence, how to distinguish yourself from other agents, and so much more! This interview is PACKED full of content that Glenn usually only offer his coaching clients that pay close to $100k a YEAR! Do not miss the opportunity to learn from Glenn, click play!

0:01 – Introduction
6:15 – Interview Start
7:40 – How Glenn & Joshua got connected
9:00 – What led you into real estate & down the entrepreneur path
10:30 – Hating doing Cold-Calls
14:00 – How did you direct your business away from Cold-Calling?
18:00 – Setting out to be famous to real estate agents
23:30 – How did you try to build your popularity while also gaining real estate business?
31:00 – It’s easier than ever to get noticed using your cell phone
35:00 – Building a superteazm is incredibly valuable
42:00 – What are the 5 elements to making a celebrity?
50:00 – Becoming his own publisher so he can release books
56:00 – Publish a book with a simple concept and then make one you are proud of
58:00 – Examples of real estate agent photos that are badass
1:04:00 – Being annoying is better than being unknown
1:06:30 – Getting on TV and series will get your business and get you more known
1:10:30 – Get quick advice before you make major investments & get into the media
1:13:40 – Where to get involved with Glenn
1:17:00 – Get your marketing photos done!
1:20:50 – Last pieces of advice and inspiration for the GSD Mode Audience


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