Consistency is KEY Inside Your Real Estate Business : GSD Mode Interview w/ Andrea Beem

Today on GSD Mode Podcast, the #1 Real Estate Podcast in the Industry, Top Realtor & Real Estate Team Leader Andrea Beem joins the show! Andrea got into real estate at arguably the worst time possible, during the 2008 real estate crash! It was hectic and uncertain but with her grit and consistency, she has built and led 2 different teams, and improved her business every single year since joining the real estate industry. Any agent who is struggling to stay motivated, or is looking for “the magic pill”, NEEDS to watch this interview! Andrea is a perfect example of putting your nose to the grindstone and making yourself a success in an industry you know nothing about. It’s Friday, sit back, grab some coffee (or a beverage of your choosing), and learn from one of the hardest workers out there, Andrea Beem!

0:01 – Introduction
1:30 – Getting into real estate during the huge 2008 market crash
4:00 – What did you do immediately to find success in your real estate business?
8:00 – Sending out hand-written ‘Thank You’ cards
10:50 – What are some challenges you had to overcome that you weren’t expecting?
15:00 – What made you want to help other agents with their business?
21:30 – How did you get rid of all of your debt?
26:00 – How do you make hires now opposed to in the beginning of your career?
33:00 – Everybody has their own language
37:30 – Do you find yourself gravitating towards one aspect of your business over the other?
41:30 – How do you always make sure that you are balancing each aspect of your life?
46:00 – Do you stay updating your business or do you have consistency?
49:00 – Where to get in touch with Andrea
53:00 – Wrap Up


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