The $100Million Man! Interview with One of Top Online Entrepreneurs on The Planet, Nate Lind

This Friday on GSD Mode Podcast we have an INSANE interview for you guys, Top Online Entrepreneur Nate Lind joins the show! Nate is your favorite entrepreneur’s favorite entrepreneur, the man just doesn’t stop! Starting out as a mega real estate house flipper, Nate then shifted his focus and became a consultant for Fortune 100 companies working with the top financial institutions. Getting the itch to get back out of the corporate race and back into entrepreneurship, Nate started an online business from scratch which then morphed into a business with over $100 Million+ in revenue from online sales. Nate is the MASTER of all things online sales and has some key tips that are extremely beneficial to anyone looking to market or sell online. This includes real estate agents, entrepreneurs looking to start a business online or looking for tips about how to grow their online presence, and just anyone that has any aspect of their business on the internet. DO NOT skip this interview, there is so much value in here! Nate is also hosting his ADSUM event on May 3rd-5th, so make sure to find that link below and RSVP for your spot at this EPIC event!

0:01 – Introduction
6:15 – Interview Start
8:30 – What is your journey to entrepreneurship?
10:00 – What was it like once you were in school and already working at 14?
12:40 – How he came to meet his first mentor and how important that was
15:00 – How did you go from flipping houses to then becoming a financial consultant?
19:50 – Why and how did you come up with your beard oil and getting back into online entrepreneurship?
24:15 – How do you identify what is actually going to sell online?
27:30 – Why is it so hard to learn sales funnels and marketing online? How do you keep clarity in that space?
30:00 – Do you think that your struggles when you were younger have allowed you to thrive in your business today?
33:00 – What is your online business focusing on at the moment?
36:00 – Advice Nate would give on selling other’s peoples products before starting your own
38:20 – More information about Nate’s Mastermind Events
47:00 – What is LEGENDS?
52:00 – “You are the average of the 5 people you spend your time with”
57:00 – Do you have a daily ritual that you do to ensure that you aren’t dropping the ball inside your business somewhere?
59:50 – If you could give your younger self 2 pieces of advice that would fast-track your entrepreneur career, what would that advice be?
1:01:00 – Where to learn more about Nate
1:02:40 – Last pieces of advice for the GSD Mode Listeners


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