Mega Real Estate Team Does 72% of Business From Repeat/Referrals – Charlene & Rustan Tongg Interview

Top Realtors Charlene & Rustan Tongg are a husband/wife duo that own and operate one of Hawaii’s BEST real estate MEGA teams! Their agency, Tongg+Partners, generates 71% of their business from Repeat Customers or Referral Customers, that’s almost 3 quarters of their business! If you’re struggling in that aspect of your business and need help with bringing in more referrals, this interview is for you! Learn from the masters of repeats/referals, including how often they follow up with clients, the things that they say, advice they would give to realtors struggling in that aspect of business, and much more!

0:01 – Introduction
6:15 – Interview Start
7:30 – What led you into real estate?
10:20 – How they doubled their transaction amount
12:00 – Charlene’s journey to real estate
15:40 – What was it like when you restarted your team?
23:30 – The limit of where people can reach is inside their head
29:00 – How do you implement a “book club” into your real estate team’s growth plan?
34:00 – What is the importance of self development in your business?
40:10 – 71% of their business has been from referrals
45:00 – Making sure that they are growing as a couple and as a business
48:40 – How frequent do you follow up with clients?
57:00 – How do you manage all your time to not drop the ball in any spaces?
1:09:10 – Where to learn more about them



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