“Top Realtor Turned Successful Brokerage Owner with a New/Different Concept” Steve Wydler

Top Realtor Steve Wydler sits down with Joshua to talk all things real estate on today’s episode of GSD Mode Podcast! Not only is Steve an established real estate agent, he also owns his own brokerage, Wydler Brothers. Any agent looking to expand their business via new hires or by starting a brokerage, check this out! They go in deep on how to create a thriving business during times of economic downturn, the keys to creating an outstanding company culture, what Steve did right off the bat to ensure immediate success, and much more!

0:01 – Introduction
6:10 – Interview Start
8:00 – What brought you into real estate?
14:00 – What did you do right out of the gate to ensure success in real estate?

19:45 – How did you adapt to the market crashes in real estate to ensure your business was still building?
23:00 – How did you make the decision to start a brokerage?
28:00 – What do you have the agents focusing on that work for your brokerage?

35:30 – Do you have multiple options for agents looking to join your team?
41:40 – What do you do to create a good culture in your office?
46:30 – The key to company culture
47:40 – Where do you see yourself taking your business?

50:30 – What are some technology real estate agents need to be using?
53:30 – What have been your most effective systems in your business?
56:00 – How do you manage your life to make sure that you stay on top of your responsibilities?
1:01:50 – If you could give your younger self some advice, what would it be?

1:04:00 – Where to find more about Steve
1:05:40 – Last pieces of advice for GSD listeners



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