“Professional Skier Turned Online Entrepreneur” GSD Mode Interview with Scot Chrisman

Today on GSD Mode Podcast, we have Professional Skiier turned Online Entrepreneur, Scot Chrisman! Listen as he and Joshua dive into what it takes to start an online business, struggles that they have had while running these businesses, physical hardships and why he now takes care of his body and his mind and how that allows him to succeed, and so much more. Hit play!

0:01 – Introduction
6:10 – Interview Start
7:30 – What brought you down this path of entrepreneurship?
10:00 – Sleeping in his car in order to get what he wanted
12:00 – A life changing injury which allowed him to see that he needed to serve others
15:55 – Do you feel that going through those dark moments in your career allowed you to succeed more?
18:30 – Advice you would give for someone looking to find their passion and their meaning
23:15 – What are some obstacles you initially had to face in your entrepreneur career?
28:00 – Tearing his ACL during filming for his coaching program
31:00 – Advice for people looking to create an online product
34:00 – What led to you starting a podcast?
41:00 – Sometimes you fall and fail but you need to get up and try again
44:30 – How important is your mindset in business?
50:00 – Do you have a daily reflection process?
53:00 – How have you gone about cutting out the things that are inhibiting your life?
59:45 – If you could give yourself 2 pieces of advice to your younger self, what would that be?
1:02:00 – Where to learn more about Scott
1:03:00 – Last pieces of advice for the GSD listeners


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