“From Losing $50Million In The Market Crash To Rebuilding Wealth” Interview with Rod Khleif

Top Real Estate Investor and Top Entrepreneur Rod Khleif is a multiple business owner as well as a business coach who is extremely passionate about giving back. Starting out as a Real Estate Agent, Rod saw the potential to make money in real estate and quickly soared to the top. Having owned over 2000 homes and 22 businesses in his 40 year career, he’s seen his fair share of wins and losses but none as big as when the 2008 real estate market crashed. Rod discusses what it took to overcome that massive financial setback, how he found financial success at an early age and continues to do so to this day, the importance of Goal Visualization & Identity Statements, and so much more. He even has a free book to give away to GSD listeners! More info in the show notes!

0:01 – Introduction
4:20 – Most entrepreneurs experience failure before success
6:00 – Rod’s Journey to entrepreneurship
7:00 – Getting into real estate at a young age
13:00 – The importance of visualizing your goals
18:00 – Examples of celebrities that have used goal visualization
23:00 – Accomplishing his goals but still feeling unfulfilled
26:00 – “If you want success you have to give”
31:00 – How did you force yourself to take action to start making steps towards your goals?
36:00 – Do you think that some of your success is because of your upbringing?
43:00 – What caused you to lose so much money when during the 2008 real estate crash?
46:00 – Some of Rod’s “new rules of real estate”
50:00 – Lifetime Cashflow to Real Estate Investing Podcast
52:20 – The top myths he debunks for his clients
55:00 – “If you find the deal, you will find the money”
58:00 – The importance of finding mentors and coaches
1:00:30 – Add value to everything that you do
1:05:00 – Identity Statements and why Rod uses them

To get a copy of Rod’s new book, How to Create Lifetime CashFlow Through Multifamily Properties: The New Rules of Real Estate Investing, for FREE just text ROD to 41411!

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