“New Realtor CRUSHES IT with Instagram & Door Knocking” GSD Mode Podcast with Mike Sherrard

Mike is a new Realtor in Calgary, Alberta who took a huge risk by leaving a stable corporate job to go full time in the real estate industry! Within his first 4 months in real estate, Mike has listed the most expensive home in his area, generated 50% of his business from Instagram, spoken in front of large crowds at real estate conventions, and created a huge buzz around town with his @thepurplerealtor campaign. At 24 years old, Mike is absolutely KILLING it! Listen as he discuss with Joshua his social media strategy, what his door knocking script sounds like, how he grew his business so large in just 4 months, and find out what’s next for Mike! Check it out!

0:01 – Introduction
3:00 – Why did you leave a stable engineering job to start in real estate?
5:20 – Did you face criticism for leaving your job?
7:50 – What were you doing right out of the gate to achieve success in real estate? Social media, door knocking?
10:50 – What is your door knocking script?
15:30 – How are you using your vehicle to advertise your real estate business?
20:30 – So what is your social media strategy?
23:10 – How were you creating and building followers?
25:20 – In the first few months, how much of your real estate business is generated from social media?
29:10 – How many real estate deals are you working or have you worked that came from Instagram?
31:00 – What is your typical day like?
34:00 – Where do you see yourself taking your real estate business?
36:50 – What are 2 pieces of advice you’d give to yourself if you could go back in time to when you very first started in real estate?
46:10 – Closing words







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