Operating a Real Estate Team Virtually & Sell $40Million + Yearly: Interview with Michael Zeller

Top Realtor Michael Zeller isn’t your typical realtor, he operates a real estate team virtually that sells over $40 MILLION each year! Oh, and that’s not all. He’s also involved in over 7 different businesses as well as running his own Mastermind Group. The guy is just a working machine! Any realtors looking for ways to grow their business by generating more leads using Facebook, check this out! Any entrepreneurs looking to jumpstart their success and careers, check this out! Michael is truly a “do-er” and has put in the work to be able to still make money in real estate while learning other industries as well, just click play!

0:01 – Introduction
6:15 – Interview Start
7:20 – What led you to entrepreneurship in the first place?
10:20 – Why did you start expanding outside of Real Estate?
18:00 – How did you use your personality profile structure to create your business now?
21:50 – Where do you even start when trying to advertise or sell something online?
24:30 – Did you ad agency start in only real estate or have you always wanted to work with everything?
29:30 – What’s an example of a Facebook ad that has worked for you?

33:20 – How did you start your Mastermind Group?

37:40 – What are the top things that successful people have in common?
43:00 – What is the biggest block for people that are having trouble mentally letting go?
46:30 – Can you dive into your mastermind a bit more?
49:20 – Where to learn more about the mastermind group
53:40 – How do you learn to say No to some good things in your business?
57:50 – How are you able to work virtually?
1:01:00 – If you could give your younger self 2 pieces of advice, what would that be?
1:02:40 – How do you use your failures to give you strength?
1:06:00 – Any last words of advice or inspiration for the listeners?







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