5,000 + Pieces of Land Purchased Personally! Create Wealth By Investing In Land with Mark Podolsky

Top Real Estate Investor Mark Podolsky is exactly what he calls himself, The Land Geek! Having purchased over 5,000 pieces of land ranging from private owners to auctions, Mark has extensive knowledge on everything involved with purchasing, flipping, investing, and providing yourself with extra income via raw land purchases. Being a land investor for over 15 years, Mark also provides valuable coaching for those looking to buy land and make more money. If you are looking for an easy and surefire way to make extra income, check out what Mark has to say, don’t miss it!

0:01 – Introduction
2:30 – Mark works on a treadmill
3:40 – Journey to entrepreneurship
5:10 – Making over $90,000 at just 1 land auction and deciding to slowly transition full-time
7:00 – How did you survive the massive market crash around 2008-2009?
10:40 – What is your process of buying a piece of land?
15:30 – How do you get the treasury list from each state?
17:50 – How big or how small of a deal do you look for?
21:30 – Do you know of any top mistakes that people make when looking to buy raw land?
23:00 – Do you offer mentorship programs?
29:40 – Is your training program tailored specifically for realtors?
31:10 – When did you decide to start walking while working?
35:10 – If you could go back in time and give your younger self 2 pieces of advice, what would that advice be?






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