“How To DOMINATE With Expired & FSBO’s In Your Real Estate Business” Loida Velazquez

Today on GSD Mode Podcast we have a HUGE episode for you guys. Top Realtor Loida Velasquez joins the show and shares with you her expertise on how to convert an Expired Listing or FSBO listing to a sale! Expireds and FSBO’s are some of the biggest income generators for real estate agents worldwide, so if you are struggling or curious about either of those aspects of your business, check this out now! Loida is killing it in her real estate business and has the right attitude to Get Shit Done! Don’t miss it!

0:01 – Introduction
6:10 – Interview Start
8:25 – What got you into real estate?
11:30 – How did your perception of real estate shift after shadowing Bryan for a day?
14:00 – What is your script for door knocking an expired or FSBO listing?
17:00 – So you get them excited about their goals?
22:00 – Do you target newer or older expireds and FSBOs?
24:00 – What are some key things to listen for when talking to those clients?
29:00 – Howe many dials equal a listing?
34:40 – How many clients have you lost?
39:30 – What do find so powerful bout being a part of a team?
41:10 – What part of your success do you attribute to scripts?
45:00 – Having a plan to execute on and the importance of that
50:20 – 2 pieces of advice you’d give to your younger self
52:30 – Last words of advice for GSD listeners
54:30 – Things on your vision board for 2018
56:10 – Where to learn more about Loida




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