Running The #1 Real Estate Team in San Diego 3 Years in a Row! GSD Mode Interview w/ Kyle Whissel

Today on GSD Mode Podcast, the #1 Real Estate Podcast in the Industry, Top Real Estate Team Leader Kyle Whissel joins the show! Kyle has ran the #1 Real Estate Team in San Diego for over 3 years now, doing over 200 MILLION in production and closing 374 deals just in 2017! That’s over 1 home daily.. crazy! Find out how Kyle shot to the top of his area so quickly by listening to him explain EXACTLY what his physical and online advertising strategies are, how he markets an upcoming open house, what kind of videos he makes to generate leads, how he handles his real estate farms, and so much more valuable information! He truly holds nothing back about his business and his game plans, click play and learn from one of the best out there doing it!

0:01 – Introduction
6:15 – Interview Start
7:40 – What led you into the real estate industry? Quitting his job at the movie theatre
13:50 – How did you transition into traditional REO inside your business?
16:30 – How do you pick a geographical location to start farming real estate in?
22:30 – How long does it take for real estate farming to have a return check for somebody?
25:20 – What is your current advertising strategy in your real estate business?
30:50 – What is your video release strategy?
33:30 – What is your advertising strategy for open houses?
41:30 – Is there a price point cutoff where you don’t go all out on advertising?
43:50 – Where do you do your online marketing?
46:50 – How do you make the correct hires?
51:20 – What led you to transfer your business to ESP?
59:00 – How many recruits is it before you make a hire?
1:01:00 – Do you ever see a struggle of growing your business vs. having a hire revenue share?
1:04:00 – Favorite author and favorite book?
1:07:30 – Last words of advice and inspiration for the GSD Mode Audience


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