“Real Estate Investor Gets Creative & Figures Out How To Buy Over 600+ Properties” Kevin Lacasse

Top Real Estate Investor Kevin Lacasse has had a hell of a road to get to where he is. Having handled over 600 properties, Kevin knows what kind of effort goes into a real estate career. Having to overcome hardships such as properties burning down, shady partners embezzling money, countless renovation disasters, and so much more, Kevin always persevered to grow his business as large as possible. He’s also heading a new company, Ambit, which he is super excited about and any realtor can benefit from. Check it out!

0:01 – Introduction
2:50 – Journey to entrepreneurship and real estate
4:40 – Bought first duplex in 2000
7:40 – Being unemployed and going full time on real estate
12:10 – One of his apartment buildings burned down and a partner embezzled most of his money
19:15 – Deciding to buy a mobile home park and immediately getting an offer to manage another one
23:00 – What was your initial strategy when buying and holding real estate properties?
24:50 – How do you find these properties you wanted?
27:30 – How much of your success do you attribute to creating meaningful business relationships?
30:10 – How does your private lending business work?
31:00 – His new electricity venture, Ambit
32:20 – How do you get involved with Ambit and how do you make money from it?
36:40 – What keeps you driving and motivated during tough times?
38:40 – Two pieces of advice he’d give to his younger self
41:20 – Advice for listeners


Kevin’s website:

Daughters Slime business:


Kevin’s contact info:

Email: klacasse@nefamilyhousing.com
Cell: 603-530-2091

Recommended reading:
1. Technical Books
a.       Real Estate Investments & How to Make Them by: Milt Tanzer
b.      E Myth by: Michael Gerber
2.       Mind set Books
a.       Rich Dad/Poor Dad & Cashflow Quadrants by: Robert Kiyosaki
b.      The Secret
c.       Millionaire Mind by: Thomas Stanley
3.       Inspirational
a.       The Art of the Deal by: Donald Trump
b.      Master Builders by: Trammell Crow
4.       Just an Awesome Book about the science of Risk Taking
a.       Deep Survival by: Laurence Gonzales

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