Partnerships in Real Estate Can Boost Your Business: GSD Mode Interview w/ Kelley Skar

Today on GSD Mode Podcast, the #1 Real Estate Podcast in the Industry, Top Realtor Kelley Star joins the podcast! Kelley runs a top Real Estate team up in Canada, our friendly northern neighbors, as well as a podcast, Thrive Not Survive. Joshua and Kelley cover a variety of topics from starting out in real estate, tips for agents looking to partner up inside the business, and so much more. Check it out!

0:01 – Introduction
6:15 – Interview Start
7:50 – How did you end up in real estate?
12:20 – How did you transition out of your corporate job and into real estate?
17:30 – Building a real estate team in the beginning
19:20 – Doing open houses to build his network
23:00 – What is working for you when it comes to online marketing?
26:40 – How do you have your Open rates so high for your email marketing?
35:50 – Books that the GSD Mode Audience should read
39:20 – Important conferences Kelley has been to for real estate
45:00 – What are some tips for real estate agents looking to get into a partnership?
51:00 – Do you use profile testing?
52:40 – Kelley’s Thrive Not Survive Podcast
56:20 – What kind of impact have you seen your podcast have on your personal real estate business?
1:03:00 – Where do you want to take your real estate business? How big?
1:05:30 – Where to learn more about Kelley


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