From Selling Mens Suits To Becoming a Top Real Estate Agent : Interview with Justin Warthe

Top Realtor Justin Warthe has grown up around real estate and with over 10 years of sales knowledge and experience, is truly a master of selling real estate. He began his sales career in high end retail stores, selling suits and high-ticket clothing and quickly shot to the top of the sales force. Realizing his skills in sales, he decided to go bigger and up the ante, so he decided to go full on selling real estate. That proved to be a valuable decision, as Justin is absolutely KILLING it and making more money than ever before. Learn from this sales master as he tells all about his scripts when cold calling and getting in touch with old and new clients alike, his online marketing real estate strategy, how important tracking numbers and dials is within his business, and so much more!

0:01 – Introduction
6:15 – Interview Start
7:20 – How did you get started in entrepreneurship/real estate?
11:00 – What was it like selling high-end suits and what sales skills did you develop?
12:40 – What did you do immediately in your real estate career to ensure success?
13:50 – Did you keep any clients between the two industries?

16:20 – How often do you follow up with past clients?
18:20 – What was it like getting into real estate with a learning disability?
23:30 – How does transparency in your business b benefit everyone?
27:20 – What is your phone prospecting strategy?
30:40 – What kind of script do you use when cold calling?
33:20 – Where are you having success in online marketing?
35:40 – What’s the marketing like in Calgary right now?
42:20 – What is the importance of tracking your numbers in your business?

44:30 – Are you still active in real estate investing?
47:00 – What are some things that had a major impact on you and your business in 2017?
49:20 – Advice Justin would give to his younger self
51:30 – Are you being intentional on planning in every aspect of your life?

1:02:00 – Where to learn more about Justin
1:02:40 – Last words of advice and inspiration


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