New Realtor w/ 62 Home Sales In 8 Months, Now Selling 100s & Running Mega Team – Justen Martin

Today on GSD Mode Podcast we have Justen Martin, 90 Day Mastery Alumni, Top Realtor & Team Leader, & just all around real estate BOSS! Justen jumped into the real estate industry and within his first 8 months has closed over 62 homes! Now the owner of iHomes Colorado, Justen has found enough success to step out of production which allows him to fully focus on growing his team for 2018! ANY realtor looking to grow their team, align their focuses for growth in 2018, or majorly boost their b business, check out what Justen has to say! Click Play!

0:01 – Introduction
6:15 – Interview Start
8:10 – What led you into the fitness space and then led you to real estate?

12:30 – Some things Justen learned in fitness that transitioned to real estate
17:00 – What led you into real estate?
25:00 – Enrolling in 90 Day Mastery and ensuring real estate success
29:20 – What does your team look like right now?
33:00 – What was your main focus when starting in real estate?
37:50 – When did you start bringing in seller leads?
41:30 – Are you still personally in production?
51:00 – Walk us through your door knocking strategy
56:00 – What do you do for recruiting real estate agents?
1:01:00 – What do you look for when hiring agents?
1:04:40 – How long is it until you start enforcing your 1 deal per month minimum on agents?
1:15:30 – How important are emotions, systems, and processes in real estate?
1:19:10 – Last words of advice/inspiration


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