How To Become a Top Leader In Real Estate! GSD Interview # 2 with Jon Cheplak

Top Entrepreneur and Real Estate Coach Jon Cheplak is BACK for Round 2 with Joshua Smith on GSD Mode Podcast! This dude is so awesome we just had to have him back again! A top coach in the real estate space, Jon also mentors his clients in all aspects of life. Family, Work, Relationships, you name it, Jon can help you out! Listen as he dives into all things real estate with Joshua, including but not limited to how to make the correct hires to ensure your business flourishes, the kind of services that he offers to his clients, his new real estate call center and how much business that is generating him, and so much more! Don’t miss it!

0:01 – Introduction
6:50 – What kind of work goes into finding success and fulfillment?
13:20 – If somebody is making good money but not feeling fulfilled, where do they begin?
19:10 – What has changed in your business and in the industry since your last podcast episode?
25:30 – Can you give some examples of team leaders and broker/owners in your team?
33:30 – Can you elaborate on how you make sure you hire the correct people to ensure your business grows and flourishes?
42:30 – How do you handle accountability in your business and how do you use that to your advantage when hiring?
47:30 – What kind of services do you offer?
52:30 – What is included in your Coaching program?
55:50 – What led you to starting a real estate call center?
1:01:00 – Where to learn about Jon!
1:20:30 – Last pieces of advice and inspiration

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