The Agent With the Highest Zillow Lead Conversion Rate : GSD Mode Interview w/ John Wentworth

Today on GSD Mode Podcast, the #1 Real Estate Podcast in the Industry, Top Real Estate Agent, Team Leader, and overall badass John Wentworth joins the show! We met John at a real estate speaking event where he was talking about his GENEROUS Lead Conversion Ratio while working with Zillow. Being a skeptic, we weren’t sure if this was fluff, but John backed it up with solid numbers and proof that if you have the correct systems and processes in place, the production in your business will spike and you will be netting more money than you ever have. Any agent looking for a unique way to generate more leads, hit play!

0:01 – Introduction
6:15 – Interview Start
8:50 – What led you into real estate?
14:00 – “We all have shit”
17:40 – Realizing he was good at real estate
21:10 – When did you start your real estate team?
24:00 – What does your ream structure look like today?
29:30 – Intentional Marketing
33:30 – What is your online lead conversion ratio?
39:00 – What is your ISA strategy?
41:50 – What system do you use to decide who gets what Zillow lead on your team?
44:30 – How do you track on BoomTown?
47:40 – Is it mandatory for your agents to update their shared Sheets?
49:10 – “Fair and Equal, are not the same”
53:00 – Open House strategies
58:00 – Being a leader and having others feed off of your energy
1:02:40 – “Always own your own website/database”
1:07:50 – How do you structure your business so you can be in charge but also spend time with your family?
1:17:00 – Live in a place of self-reflection


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