“Intermittent Fasting: What to do & What to Avoid” The Ask Jim & Jay Show

Intermittent Fasting is one of the fasting growing methods of dieting in modern times. In this weeks episode, the Dr. Aaron Grossman, Jay Campbell, Jim Brown, and Joshua Smith talk about how each of them have benefitted from intermittent fasting, how men and women can lose weight fast just by fasting, what they have learned about the practice, answer questions from the viewers that were watching live about when and when not to fast in your diet, how intermittent fasting can combat diabetic complications, and so much more!

0:01 – introduction
2:20 – Issues with modern day pre-diabetic testing
11:00 – Jay’s feelings about ObamaCare and how it’s affected the healthcare industry
15:00 – The relationship between intermittent fasting and insulin control
20:00 – Jay’s upcoming book giveaway where you only pay for shipping
25:00 – Your body can handle a lot more calories during certain days during intermittent fasting windows
27:00 – Any questions for Jay’s upcoming FAQ in book? Email Jay@TRTRevolution.com
29:00 – Viewer Questions about True-Keto Diets
34:40 – What’s going on in the brain when the body is fasting?
37:00 – Dr. Aaron Grossman has left the building
43:30 – What would you recommend fasting schedule for a male over 100lbs overweight?
46:40 – Can you fast on training days?
50:30 – Can I use EMF to stay focused while in a fasted state?
53:00 – The darker complexion your skin, the harder it is to fast
55:00 – If you are bulking, would you fast?
1:03:50 – How to get bloodwork done
1:07:15 – Viewer question
1:10:00 – Closing words from the crew


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