GSD Interview with Jeffrey Slayter “How To Achieve Overall Fulfillment In Business & Life”

Jeffrey Slayter is a serial entrepreneur, a mentor, and public speaker. His high-level spiritual guidance has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs, and his tips will definitely help you along your journey. Check out what he has to say in his second appearance on the GSD Mode podcast!

His first interview –

04:00 Intro
06:00 What’s been going on?
09:30 The effects of an ayahuasca retreat on entrepreneurs
14:36 How to access the DMT within you
17:30 Manifesting your goals
23:00 Being deliberate with your attention
32:00 Being open enough to learn about this stuff
36:00 Kids on drugs
42:30 The Entrepreneur Elders Group
44:00 The Jeffrey Slayter Show
46:30 Last words of advice

The Jeffrey Slayter Show
Entrepreneur Elders Group

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