“Interview with The VP of Keller Williams Publishing Jay Papasan” GSD Mode Podcast Interview

For the first episode of GSD Mode Podcast in 2018 we have an absolutely bad ass real estate guest. Jay Papasan is the YP of Keller Williams Publishing, meaning he has written and helped write some of the most influential real estate books in the industry, including The ONE Thing, coauthored by Gary Keller. Jay has such an extensive knowledge on real estate and has a TON of tips for agents new and experienced to help jumpstart their real estate success. DO NOT miss this one!

0:01 – Introduction
6:15 – Interview Start
7:30 – Journey to the real estate industry
10:00 – What led to you joining Keller Williams?
15:15 – How did you get the idea for your Millionaire Real Estate Agent book?
21:30 – Are you making an updated version on that book?

25:20 – Why make the book entrepreneur based instead of just niching real estate?
28:00 – Why has Keller Williams grown so exponentially?
32:20 – What built the culture at Keller Williams?

38:00 – The problems that come from growth are still better than not growing
46:20 – Advice that Jay would give to agents looking to adapt and shift their business
50:30 – 2 books that changed Jay’s life
56:40 – How do you manage all your tasks that you have to do?
1:03:00 – Being aligned with your team is key
1:04:10 – 2 pieces of advice he’d give his younger self
1:06:50 – How intentional are you with your energy?
1:11:30 – Is there ever a question that you haven’t been asked that you wish somebody would?
1:20:40 – Where to learn more about Jay



Google ‘Jay Papasan’!

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