“How To Become a GREAT Leader Inside Your Business & Life with Leadership Expert Hans Finzel”

Top Entrepreneur Hans Finzel has been a leadership expert and trainer for decades. In fact, he has a best-selling leadership book titled “The Top Ten Mistakes Leaders Make” and also his new book, “The Top Ten Ways to Be a Great Leader”. The principles that Hans teaches applies to ANY type of business or industry, ranging from how to hire the correct people for your business all the way to how important investing in one’s own self-development is when trying to create the business and life you desire. ANY business leader, manager, realtor, agent, or entrepreneur needs to check this one out!

0:01 – Introduction
3:45 – Journey to entrepreneurship
7:30 – Top few mistake people make when trying to be a leader
13:50 – “Listen and learn are the 2 most important words in a leader’s vocabulary”
15:50 – “Inspect what you Expect”
20:20 – How do you approach having to tell an employee bad news?
23:20 – What are some suggestions you have for people looking to hire the correct people for their business?
26:30 – What is emotional intelligence and why is it important?
29:50 – How important is it to know your weaknesses and opening up and accepting those?
34:20 – Do you find being transparent in your business helps you in being a leader?
36:00 – Humility is the most important trait of a quality leader
39:30 – Can introverts be good leaders?
44:20 – How do you get support from your family or SO when trying to build your business?
50:55 – Do you find self-development to be important and does that tie into your business?
53:50 – Where to learn more about Hans
55:00 – If you could give your younger self 2 pieces of advice, what would that be?

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