GSD Interview Whitney Nicely “Become a Real Estate Investor With $0 Via Lease Purchase Options”

Whitney Nicely is a treat! From Tennessee, she plays the real estate game her own way and shares with us how she has grown her business with lease options and investing. She holds nothing back and gives you detailed advice and motivational words to get shit done and create the life you know you want and deserve. Dive in!

04:00 Intro
05:15 Path to Entrepreneurship
11:00 Lease options
12:00 How to identify lease options to go for
13:30 Structuring lease options
15:20 making money 3 different times in the process
17:40 What are some words of caution for people who want to try this
19:40 Disclosing intent up front
21:00 “I wouldn’t go after expireds with a 10 foot pole”
21:53 Apartment complexes
22:40 What do you invest in?
28:00 The paperwork involved in the process
29:30 “it doesn’t make any sense to be a regular agent”
30:00 Evolving into a teacher
31:00 What is your teaching program?
33:00 Structuring paperwork
34:00 The legality of agents buying properties
36:00 Stepping on other agents’ toes
42:11 How to learn more about training
43:00 What keeps you motivated to keep leveling up?
47:00 Last words of advice/motivation