GSD Interview with Kamille Soler “How To Overcome Your Fears & Step Into Your Greatness”

Kamille Rose Soler is the founder of The Ultimate Lyfe, inspirational speaker, and leadership/mindset coach. She breaks down her journey to entrepreneurship and drops some tips on how to get your mind and actions right. If you like this interview, check out her website below, she is offering some free content exclusively to GSD peeps!
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04:00 Intro
05:00 Rewind the clocks
14:45 Battling depression
24:45 How to deal with relationships while chasing your dreams
35:35 How did you know to connect dots and teach yourself how to create greatness
47:45 Motivation vs. Inspiration
1:00:00 Figuring out what you don’t want. Getting clarity
1:05:00 Balance in life and finding harmony
1:09:10 Why aren’t you doing the things you know you should be doing?
1:16:00 What does joy mean to you?
1:20:30 Anything you do to unwind?
1:26:30 How important is health to overall success
1:32:00 Book suggestions
1:39:15 Advice for younger self

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