GSD Interview with Honoree Corder “How To Become a Successful Author”

Honoree Corder is an authorpreneur, business coach, and serial entrepreneur who helps people clarify their visions and turn them into reality. Learn from this interview how to successfully launch your book and some tips and strategies along the way!

04:30 Intro
05:30 Journey To Entrepreneurship
10:30 Where to begin in writing a book
16:15 4 Cornerstones of a Well Done Book
19:45 The Importance of a Title
29:30 What it takes to be successful as an author
38:40 The Hard Work Behind a Great Book-Launch
43:00 Can you give away too much?
48:00 What strategies to use after launch?
52:30 The importance of audiobooks
56:30 What keeps you striving for greatness?
1:00:13 Tips for our listeners

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