GSD Interview with Steve Ozanich “Overcoming Back and Body Pain With The Mind”

Steve Ozanich, author of “The Great Pain Deception”, breaks down the modern epidemic of chronic pain and talks with Joshua Smith about how TMS works, what you can do to start healing, and provides some powerful insights into how we can break down some of the myths about pain and addiction our society subscribes to.

04:30 Welcome to the show
05:00 Journey into entrepreneurship for back pain
06:00 Rock bottom/paralysis of left leg
09:00 The power of the mind
09:30 Beginning to heal what actions he took
13:00 How TMS works and the placebo effect
16:31 TMS healing wall of victory on YouTube
18:40 Pain targets the same part of the brain as heroine and coke
23:00 The medical industry vs. you
31:30 Diet and emotions effect on inflammation
42:00 Does being diagnosed help ease the mind?
45:00 TMS equivalents and where to find happiness
47:00 Wim Hof and the power of the mind
53:00 Where to find his books