STOP ZILLOW! Interview with the Man leading the Stop Zillow Movement Greg Hague

On today’s episode of GSD Mode Podcast, Joshua sits down Greg Hague, founder of the STOP ZILLOW! movement, also known as The Plan To Save Real Estate! Greg has been involved in real estate for decades and has been a Top Realtor as well as owned the #1 luxury brokerage in Arizona. Greg drops SO MUCH extensive knowledge that all real estate agents need to hear. Things he did when starting out to find success, being able to transition from realtor to broker, the importance of systems and formulas being in place in his business, and so much more. He also fully unravels his “Plan to Save Real Estate”, check it out!

0:01 – Introduction
6:10 – Interview Start
9:00 – What brought you into real estate?
11:40 – What made you want to leave practicing law?
14:40 – Building a firm in Ohio and losing everything
17:00 – What are some immediate things you did that helped launch your real estate career in Arizona?
22:00 – Utilizing formulas in his business which allow him to succeed
24:30 – How did your business transition into a successful brokerage?
27:20 – Are there timeless truths that every real estate agent needs to know?
32:00 – Learning how to market to different types of buyers and sellers markets
33:10 – Origin of Real Estate Mavericks
35:00 – Why did you take a break and go practice law?
40:40 – What is your dislike towards Zillow about?
50:30 – After getting NAR’s attention, what did they say?
53:00 – So what is your plan to stop Zillow?
1:00:45 – How do you ensure that this movement won’t fail?
1:06:00 – Only doing things that he wants to do, nothing is a publicity stunt
1:08:40 – What do you think it’s gonna take to pull this off, funding wise?
1:14:00 – Where to get involved with Greg
1:16:00 – If you could give your 18 year old self 2 pieces of advice, what would that advice be?
1:18:00 – How important is your health to you?
1:21:00 – Last pieces of inspiration for GSD Mode Listeners


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