From 80 to 425 Deals Per Year in 3 Years…. In depth interview with Omaha’s # 1 Realtor Jeff Cohn

Jeff Cohn is the founder of Omaha’s Elite Real Estate Group, Nebraska’s #1 team, which has grown from 80 deals to 425 deals in just 3 years, and is on pace to sell over 700 homes this year, which will make his team #1 at Berkshire Hathaway around the world.

Jeff started as a solo agent in 2006, knowing he wanted to start a team but wanting to master the business himself. He built a six-figure business by focusing on his sphere of influence and running everything from an Excel spreadsheet for his first 6 years. Now Jeff brings in over $500k/year in net commission income and no longer works directly with clients.

In addition to the real estate team, Jeff consults for, a real estate calling assistant company that was based on Jeff’s systems, and owns a property management, title & escrow, single-property flipping company plus a residential and commercial investment portfolio.

You can find more information on Jeff and the systems behind his success at