“World Class Bodybuilder, Best Selling Author & Successful Health Club Entrepreneur” Catt Tripoli

Top Entrepreneur and Health and Fitness Expert Catt Tripoli is a best selling author, world champion bodybuilder, extremely successful health club owner, and all around badass! Listen to Joshua and Catt chop it up about getting into bodybuilding and the advantages it brings into your life and your business, how much effort goes into building a running a successful gym/health club, the key roles that meditation and hypnosis play in her life and career, and much more. Click play!

0:01 – Introduction
2:30 – Journey to entrepreneurship
4:00 – How did you fall in love with health and fitness?
11:20 – What kind of effort and focus does it take to become the best in your space?
19:00 – Deciding not to be shy, and doing the uncomfortable thing
25:20 – What was it like transitioning into becoming a gym owner?
36:00 – Manifesting makes all the difference in your business
43:30 – What are some struggles of bodybuilding/lifting weights?
52:00 – Finding a way to build up certain muscles in certain parts of your body is what body building is
55:00 – Are you techniques and is your book for people looking to just get into better overall health?
1:02:00 – Being in a trance and meditating with a coach with hypnosis
1:09:00 – What is happening in your mind when you are going through hypnosis?
1:23:00 – How does someone who is looking to get into better health begin that process?
1:32:00 – Getting clarity about your health is so critical
1:39:00 – Where to find the Book
1:40:30 – Last words of advice for the GSD Mode listeners!

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