“How To Create a $70Million + Per Year Real Estate Business Online” Interview with Bryn Kaufman

Top Real Estate Agent & Broker Bryn Kaufman is the #1 Agent in Honolulu, but he isn’t your typical realtor. Based out of Hawaii, Bryn owns and operates his own brokerage that is FULLY automated and allows him to spend time with his family and do the things that he enjoys without having to worry about falling behind at work! Listen to Bryn break down his automated real estate business completely, including what he has done that has allowed him to step out of physical real estate production, how he advertises his website to generate real estate business, why every realtor needs to have an effective website, and so much more useful info! Get your notepads ready and hit play!

0:01 – Introduction
5:40 – Interview start
7:00 – What led you into real estate?
8:40 – How did your first company you started out of high school get sold?
10:20 – What led you to wanted to make real estate websites?
12:40 – Do you find it challenging to stay motivated in such a relaxed environment like Hawaii?
15:00 – What did you do once you got licensed?
18:00 – How many members are there on your team?
21:30 – Where do you market and who do you market towards?
23:30 – How do you draw traffic to your website?
26:00 – Is there a “forced registration”? How do you get people to register?
28:50 – How many leads convert to sales for you?
33:00 – How much money do you spend on Advertisements?
36:00 – How many new leads end up closing per month?
39:00 – What is the importance of having an online presence in your real estate business?
44:00 – Why don’t you want to scale your business up?
47:00 – What are some things you’ve done to develop long term relationships?
52:00 – How did you find your virtual assistants?
54:30 – Do you think the rebates you give to buyers help drive more business your way?
59:00 – If you could give your younger self 2 pieces of advice, what would those 2 things be?
1:03:00 – Advice for realtors just starting out in the industry



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