How to Grow and Scale Your Business Using Systems & Processes : Interview w/ Austin Netzley

Today on GSD Mode Podcast, the #1 Real Estate Podcast in the Industry, Top Entrepreneur and Coach Austin Netzley joins the show! Austin is the Founder and CEO of Scale 2x, a company that helps entrepreneurs maximize income in any industry. Austin has make 6-figures in over 7 different industries and is also the author of the Best-Selling book, Make Money, Live Wealthy: 75 Successful Entrepreneurs Share the 10 Simple Steps to True Wealth. Any entrepreneur looking to get the most out of your business, don’t miss this interview!

0:01 – Introduction
6:15 – Interview Start
8:00 – What led you to entrepreneurship?
12:30 – What led you to want to start coaching other people?
16:50 – Hustle only takes you so far
25:00 – You gotta learn systems!
29:00 – Where do you begin if you don’t have any systems and processes in place in your business?
34:50 – What is the best step to start delegating your tasks?
40:00 – How do you delegate tasks that you aren’t involved in and have no idea what effort goes in?
44:50 – How do you make sure that you aren’t cutting someone valuable?
49:00 – Top 5 things that SUCK as an entrepreneur
54:20 – What are some things that you guys offer at
1:00:00 – Systems and Processes are EVERYTHING
1:03:30 – Being cheap is the most expensive thing in the world
1:07:00 – Invest 10% of your income


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