“Proper Diet Supplementation Session # 2 with the Ask Jim, Jay & Dr. Aaron Grossman Show”

On Episode 29 of the Ask Jim, Jay, & Dr. Grossman Show, the crew dives into proper diet supplementation and what you should be doing to ensure that you are operating at peak performance. The squad talks about thyroid and why it is important to your health, symptoms that your thyroid may need to be checked, the importance of nicotine whilst fasting, powerful pre-workout concoctions, and they also answer a ton of viewer questions, check it out!

0:01 – Introduction
2:40 – The importance of Thyroid
5:30 – What kind of people need to pay attention to their thyroid?
15:20 – What are some symptoms that you need to get your thyroid checked?
21:20 – What happens when you don’t pay attention to your thyroid health?
30:20 – What’s the deal with nicotine gum & fasting?
37:30 – The most powerful pre-workout
45:20 – Viewer question about taking EMF at night
51:20 – Everyone is different, everyone’s body reacts different
52:10 – Viewer question – Difference between MCT oil and coconut oil?
56:20 – Viewer question:
58:40 – What is FORGED?



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